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This category was updated on Wednesday 27 February 2018 and can change at any time.

We have decided to break up the cake price list in different categories to simplify the browsing process.  Furthermore you can also find our cupcakes and macarons price lists below.

Read this!

If you do not read this part, you will not understand the price lists properly. We also answer a lot of questions you might have, so we can save you a lot of time by reducing the amount of phone calls and or emails you need to send to find out certain things and get answers to certain questions.

How do I place my order

The best way to place your order is via email –

Please email us with the details and we will get back to you asap to confirm your order. Unless you want to join us for breakfast, lunch or other treats at the store, you do not need to come all the way just to place an order.  You can do it in the comfort of your own home.  We also recommend emailing your order rather than phoning, because we prefer to have all orders in writing.

MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL US WITH THE CORRECT DATE!  THE DATE YOU WANT TO COLLECT THE CAKE ON!  Once the order has been confirmed it can cause great confusion if the date changes.

Lead time

All cake orders need to be placed at least two working days in advance, otherwise we will not be able to help you.  However, if we are fully booked we are fully booked.  Please place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Layers vs tiers

The term “layers” refers to the amount of cake layers on the inside of the cake, visible when you cut the cake. The term “tiers” refers to different sized cakes stacked on top of each other from large to small, to create a tiered cake. Take care not to confuse the two.  Click on the link below “Layers VS Tiers” to see what we mean.

Layers VS Tiers

DIY – no

We do not provide different size cakes separate for the customer or someone else to then stack / “dowl” the cakes themselves. The prices of our one tier cakes jumps considerably to tiered cakes, because we measure each cake and then get pipes cut according to the height of that cake to support the top tiers and secure the structure of the tiered cake. For a lower cost option for tiered cakes, please have a look at our “tiered cakes” price list. These mini tiered cakes are small enough so that they do not need construction pipes, therefor available at a much lower price. We do not provide plain baked cakes for customers to decorate themselves. We also do not take cakes baked by customers or other suppliers and then decorate them for you.

Fresh flowers

We do not provide fresh flowers for cakes. Due to the fact that we buy flowers (at the same price customers buy them from a florist) and then have to re sell them to our clients, it gets a bit too expensive. You are welcome to provide us with the flowers needed and we will gladly style it on the cake for you.


We have a small selection of birthday candles available in store. You are welcome to purchase any of these items to add to your cake. None of the cakes includes any extra décor, unless you have made prior arrangements with us.



Fondant cakes

Fondant cakes are not our strong suit and if that is what your heart desires, chances are we will be referring you to another trusted supplier.

Novelty cakes

We are very sorry but we do not make any novelty cakes, 3D items or characters.

Serving size

We make serving size recommendations next to each cake on the price lists.


Please take note that all our products are made in a bakery that uses dairy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and soy products.

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